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KDC Lawn Care is more than just someone mowing your lawn or caring for your landscape, we're a dedicated professional service provider.


KDC Lawn Care was founded in 2005 by eighteen year old Kurt Chance.  Kurt already had three years experience working for one of the first lawn care providers of the area and was ready to set out on his own.  Working outdoors was what brought Kurt to the industry, he loved the sun and being able to experience the changing of the seasons.  Kurt quickly learned it was much more than just the freedom of the outdoors that he loved about the business.  Being able to bring joy to customers by way of a meticulous lawn was hugely gratifying.  A lot of times people have to work long hours in this modern day and the fact that he could present them with a perfect lawn and landscape to greet them on their way home made the business that much more special.  Over the years he's gained a lot of customers that have become like second family, many of which have been great customers for 10+ years.

Today, Kurt still is on almost every job, he's kept the company small on purpose, to not lose the personal touch.  We hope you would give our company a try and see that we're more than just someone cutting your lawn.